Big Bang Theory Cluedo

Sheldon has been betrayed!

  • A classic mystery game with a twist
  • Who meddled with Sheldon's belongings?
  • It's up to you to identify the suspect!
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Sheldon has been betrayed by one of his closest friends... Someone has meddled with his sacred belongings!

Upon discovery of this inconsiderate and heinous deed, Sheldon has impounded six of the most likely suspects and demands that justice be done. Who messed with Sheldon's belongings? What did they do and where did it occur?

Sheldon has created a whiteboard to analyse the facts, and to find out where the act of vengeance took place. Was it Penny who dog-eared his comic book in the laundry room? Or did Raj dismantle his Shelbot in the stairwell?

It's up to you to assume the identity of the conspirator and figure out what really happened to win the game! But you'll have to travel around the board to prove your innocence and prove someone else's guilt!

You will explore 9 familiar locations such as Leonard and Sheldon's living room, Penny's living room, the stairwell, the laundry room and more and play with 6 customer tokens that were involved in the "act of betrayal": the Equation Board, the Damaged Comic, the Laptop, Sheldon's Couch, Sheldon's Toothbrush and the Dismantled Shelbot.

Do you have what it takes to help Sheldon riddle it all out and put someone on his all-time enemy list?

Recommended for 2-6 players (best played with 3 or more players).

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