Beach Sounds Havana Radio and Speaker

Beach Sounds Havana Radio and Speaker
Beach Sounds Havana Radio and Speaker Sealed CompartmentBeach Sounds Havana Radio and Speaker Packaging
Summer's not Summer without tunes!
  • Catch some radio waves in style
  • And protect your device from sand and grit
  • With built-in amplifier for extra crisp sound
  •
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Summer's not Summer without tunes!

Pump up the bass and hit the sand this Summer, it's time to blast your music anywhere, anytime!

The Retro Portable Radio and Speaker is the ideal summertime companion, complete with AM/FM tuner, volume dial and bass control! Simply flip open the speaker and connect your iPod, Smartphone or MP3 player via the audio jack and thread it through the pluggable hole in the back for external input. It's fully sealed to protect your device from water, grit and other nasties, and the built in amplifier will ensure a clean, crisp sound!

Featuring an eye-catching colourful rainbow design, your radio comes complete with foam rubber on the inside, along with a Velcro strap that will protect your music device from being knocked or damaged on the move!

Dimensions: 20cm (h) x 18cm (w) x 8cm (d).
Requires 4 x batteries to operate (not included).
The interior is large enough to fit all models of the iPhone, but not the iPad or iPad Mini.
Connect your MP3 Player or Smart Phone using the 3.5mm Audio Jack - compatible with all devices both iOS and Android.


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