Palaeontology explores how dinosaurs lived - and how they died! Maybe YOU will become a famous palaeontologist who looks at clues from the past to predict what might happen in the future!

Most dinosaur fossils are found in rocks that come from muddy swamps or soft shifting sands and clay. So let's bury the bones of a Diplodocus in a special sandy mix and begin to dig out the pieces!

After leaving your plaster mix to set for one hour, you can start to excavate the Diplodocus bones and practice cleaning them up. Now you're ready to assemble your skeleton to create a special glow in the dark ornament for your bedroom!

But, before you do, make yourself a fossil crime scene! Sometimes we discover footprints and impressions left in mud by bodies or parts of bodies! How the traces are laid out can tell us a story about how the ƒ??ownersƒ?� lived and died. Now you can use your dinosaur skull and feet to make a plaster impression of a Diplodocus!

Also available as Triceratops. Collect them both and create an amazing "Dino-rama"!

Recommended for ages 6 and up, some adult supervision required for assembling the dinosaur skeleton.

  BBC Earth Diplodocus Dig Specifications

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