This fully metal constructed Back to the Future Delorean Lunchbox may not let you travel back to the time where you actually got lunch made for you, but its super cool to carry around with any of your choice of food content (whether purchased or made).

So whether you're carrying food or the latest design for your "falling off a toliet seat" inspired flux capacitor this Marty McFly sized 27.5cm x 20.5cm x 8cm Back to the Future lunchbox will do it all for you.

The front of the lunchbox features the Delorean emerging from the time vortex, while the back displays the blue prints to the iconic time travelling car.

Please note:
Blue prints cannot be used to build your own Delorean.
Time travel is not possible with this lunch box (even by getting it up to 88mph).
Flux capacitor not included.

  Back to the Future Delorean Lunchbox Specifications

Barcode # 9342246008787
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.51kg

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