Awesome Orbs are simply awesome, they fit nicely in your hand or dangling from your earrings! You will receive two awesome orbs in each pack, powered by 3 miniature AG10 batteries (included).

Simply undo the waterproof casing by flexing the sides, switch on the white LED's and watch them flash!

Float them in your pool or water features for a relaxing experience, or hang them from your trees at your next dinner party. You may even wish to scatter them through your garden for a magical atmosphere!

They're great on your earrings to get you noticed on New Years Eve or at your favourite sporting match! Also great for wedding decorations, party favours, fairy lights and Christmas festivities.

Approximately 2.5cm in diameter. You receive two Orbs in your pack.

  Awesome Orbs - White Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.10kg

Awesome Orbs - White Reviews

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