Enter the danger zone with your very own Apptoyz appCopter and transform your iPod touch or iPhone into a full experience helicopter flight simulator.

Your appCopter uses the accelerometer tilt function built into your iPhone or iPod touch to give you the most realistic flying sensation available in a hand held device.

If you like traditional remote control buttons you can flick a setting and you'll get the fully featured control pad right on the screen for accurate helicopter flight control.

Your appCopter features the following cool functions:
1. USB Charging, use the USB cable (included) to charge your helicopters inbuilt battery (included)
2. 3 channel control (means you can go up/down ƒ?? left/right ƒ?? forward/back)
3. Sound effect (can make cool shooting sounds ƒ?? hooray!)
4. State of the art gyro stabilisation (Keeps your copter steady in the air)

To get up and running you simply plug the ƒ??bugƒ?� into the headphone socket which fits neatly and hides under your iPod or iPhone then download the appCopter app (for free) from the itunes appstore and you are ready to go.

* Apple, the Apple Logo, iPod, iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc Registered in the US and other countries

  Apptoyz - Appcopter Specifications

Barcode # 5837154247624
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.34kg

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