Ever wondered how you would handle a full on Alien incursion in your home?

What would you do if all of a sudden mysterious looking creatures started popping from behind your couch, sneaking around under your bed or hiding out in your fridge?

Well, the AppBlaster allows you to explore those scenarios and more as it turns your humble iPhone (compatible with 3 and 4 only) or iPod Touch (4th generation) into a totally rocking augmented virtual reality simulation and action hardware controller.

You simply slide your iPhone or iPod touch into the easy to use AppBlaster frame, download the free AppBlaster Application from iTunes then prepare to lock, load and blast Aliens.

As the game starts and you point the AppBlaster around you'll see through your device's inbuilt camera and screen a live video feed of your lounge, your bathroom, in fact anywhere you are and go gets turned into your gaming arena.

The AppBlaster features two triggers supporting different types of ammo and also uses the gyroscopic movement sensors in your iPhone; to reload you simply tilt the gun back until you hear the reload sound.

The free application Alien Attack for your iPhone or iPod Touch is available for easy download from the iTunes app store and there are many more applications being developed for this cool piece of iPhone gadgetry and more cool Apptoyz coming soon.

Only compatible with iPhone 3GS and 4 (not suitable for iPhone 5).

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.950kg

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Looking forward to it

By: Chris on 31 March 2011
Looking forward to getting my Appgun!!!!

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