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Great big balls of air
  • Shoot them across the room
  • Shoot them across the fence
  • One word, Airballs!
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Great big balls of air

The Airzooka is the fun gun that blows a harmless ball of air towards any object!

It should be your gadget of choice to mess up a person's hair, ruffle their shirt, dress, or office papers from a distance.

Requiring no batteries or electricity, Airzooka operates simply by pulling and releasing a built-in elastic air launcher. And here's the best part, because it shoots air, you'll never run out of ammo!

The Airzooka Air Gun also features a pop-up sight for improved aiming. Try your luck at indoor target practice, or take aim at your friends with surprising accuracy!

So what's so cool about the Airzooka?
- It shoots a ball of air over 6 Metres
- It is quick and easy to assemble (no tools required)
- It's easy to use
- Best suited for ages 6+ (and great for office stress relief )


Yuen W's picture
  Bought it for two boys in

Bought it for two boys in their late teens. A bit tricky to assemble, but once it's done, everyone had a laugh with it. Quite a blast of air could knock down (empty) drink cans.

Berge S's picture
  My experience with Cool

My experience with Cool Things has been a very enjoyable one indeed.

Prompt, courteous service, reasonable pricing and good quality products. What else does one want?

Debra M's picture
  The Airzookas are a huge hit

The Airzookas are a huge hit with all the family and we have had hours of fun with them!

Kirsty H's picture
  One of our Airzooka's ended

One of our Airzooka's ended up being in the Adelaide Christmas pageant and everyone thought it was a blast. Looks like i'll have to order more for christmas!

Telana S's picture
  Arrived in super quick time

Arrived in super quick time and customer service was fabulous for keeping me informed. Products are wrapped and ready for Christmas, thank you!

Jessica B's picture
  Thanks for the fast delivery

Thanks for the fast delivery and great service. The gift was wrapped nicely.

Wendy P's picture
  My son has one of these which

My son has one of these which he has had for 3 years and it still looks brand new. He uses it on curtains to see how far it lifts them. This is a brilliant Christmas present.

Penelope E's picture
  Nice to find some different

Nice to find some different and fun ideas for Christmas presents that I've not seen before. Keep it coming!

Fiona R's picture
  Prompt service and delivery

Prompt service and delivery of the ordered Airzooka.

I would definitely use again and have no problems recommending this site to others.

Peter B's picture
  This is an air shotgun. Great

This is an air shotgun. Great at close range (1-4m). Scares the hell out of people and makes a good noise. I want a bigger one!!

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