There's a brand new twist to the Beanie Baby range from TY Incorporated, and Aussie the Koala is a part of it!

Since the creation of the original 2.0 Beanie Baby variety, you not only receive a fantastic Beanie Baby, but also acquire a unique code that allows you to enter Beanie Land!

Simply scratch off the rare code from your 2.0 Beanie Baby Tag, and use it to discover Beanie Land at

Each Beanie has an exclusive habitat and skills in Beanie Land, where you can help them build their home, play games, complete puzzles and join chat rooms!

Each new Beanie gives you access to different parts of the website, so why not collect them all??

And even if you're not into Beanie Babies online, but just want a groovy plush toy, Ty Beanie Babies make a great gift for girls, boys, mums, friends and anyone else special to you.

Aussie is approximately 11 cm high.

  All the cool 2.0 Beanie Baby - Aussie Specifications

Barcode # 008421420377
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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