The Gyroscope mechanism was invented in 1852 by Jean Foucault whilst studying earth rotation! A Gyroscope is, essentially, an object that revolves around an axis, such as a bicycle wheel or the rotor of an electric motor.

The power of the gyroscope has a range of applications in today's technical world, including in our iPhones and gaming systems (such as the Wii Motion Plus), as well as in the instrumentation of aeroplanes and missile guidance systems!

Gyroscopes are made up of a rotating part and a rotor part which rotates on its axis. When the rotor is rotating, its axis tends to remain parallel to itself and to resist any attempts to alter its orientation. While the Gyroscope hasn't changed much since hitting the market in 1917, it is a classic toy that continues to fascinate us with gravity defying stunts.

It's easy to learn with a bit of practice, simply wind the string, pull it quickly and your UFO Lighting Gyroscope will start to spin. It can walk a tight rope or balance on your head, tilt it in near impossible ways without it falling, all with the power of physics! It's a fantastic teaching tool for precision and is equipped with a blue LED rotor for cool lighting effects!

So learn all about Gyroscopes and how they work with this fabulous UFO kit, a great gift for the curious mind!

How it is used:
- Thread a loop of the cord into the hole in the axle of the Gyroscope.
- Turn the axle until the cord is almost completely wrapped around it.
- Hold the Gyroscope as illustrated in the instructions, and pull the cord with a smooth, steady action to let it spin!

Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Dimensions: 13cm x 8cm x 6.5cm
Please do not touch the gyro wheel with your fingers while spinning.
Read and keep detailed instructions for future reference.

Barcode # 8006944605013
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.375kg

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