Inside this Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions you'll find one of the most complete and incredible collections of over three hundred and fifty of the world's most powerful optical illusions.

This 367 page book of optical brain teasers contains some of the most mind-boggling images that seem to spring into action, vibrating, pulsing, and spinning like a hula hoop off the page.

This is the book you'll want on your coffee table when you have guests over, it will be picked up and stimulate conversation, make your friends laugh, boggle their eyeballs and overall help create a fun atmosphere everyone will remember.

The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions also contains the classic illusion "The Impossible Terrace," which couldn't exist off the page: just try to figure out if you're viewing the space from above or below.

Buy The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions and let the brain cell boggling begin!


The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions Reviews

Very happy

By: Rita Koopman on 19 November 2019
Gave it for a gift Very happy

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