A best-seller! 3 great experiments, all packed into three small test tubes!

Experiments are always interesting, but they're so much more fun when they come packed in laboratory equipment!

With this wonderful money-saving pack, you can create some slimy, flubbery goo, some colourful hydrophobic sand, and some dazzling crystals!

What's included:

Viscoelastic Slime Test Tube: Goo is a wonderful learning experience! Empty the contents of this test tube into a bowl and add 220ml of water for instant slimy fun. When you add water to the polymers in the slime powder, it helps link the polymer molecules together. When enough of the molecules get hooked together, the solution changes into slime! Try pushing your fingers into the slime to learn about viscosity and resistance!

Hydrophobic Sand Test Tube: This Hydrophobic Sand in a Test Tube is a great way to teach about the properties of hydrophobic substances and their interaction with water. Pour the Hydrophobic Sand into a cup of water and watch how it reacts. Using your fingers or a spoon, mould the sand in the water into different shapes, and when you're finished, simply remove the sand from the water with a spoon... It is perfectly dry for re-use!

Growing Crystals Test Tube: Learn about chemistry as you grow the most dazzling crystals over 24 hours! In this colourful kit, you will receive a test tube filled with crystal-growing powder. By adding the crystal powder to the correct liquid, a chemical reaction will occur. This create the effect of "growth", so it looks as though the crystals are alive, just like a plant! Watch as crystals form and create interesting shapes!

Colours chosen at random.

Recommended for age 10 years and up

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Test Tube Experiments 3 Pack Reviews

Test tubes

By: Leigh on 25 December 2018
Great stocking stuffers for kids of all ages. They loved these test tubes

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