Untangle your brain and discover a new approach to mental clarity. Tangle Therapy is an exciting, twistable sensory fidget toy with 18 soft and flexible pieces covered with bumps and grooves that can be twisted and turned to create unique shapes.

Perfect for improving fine motor skills and sensory stimulation, Tangle Therapy easily fits in the palm of your hand for single handed manipulation when on the phone or listening to a conference call. What a great way to strengthen your hand muscles whilst decreasing your doodling habits!

Designed slightly larger than most other fidget toys on the market, Tangle Therapy is ideal for assisting with muscle therapy, hand and joint motion, and stress relief all in one! It has even been recommended (through extensive testing) as an aid for giving up smoking!

Buy more than one to make a long Tangle Snake that you can touch, twist and turn as the interconnected, rotating links coil into endless configurations. People of all ages enjoy holding and moving it, and it's great for use in the home, classroom or clinic!

Tangle Therapy is a brilliant solution to hand therapy, anxiety, minor stress relief, smoking cessation, joint stiffness, motor dexterity, and post-lunch fatigue. It is has also been known to assist with ADHD, dementia, special needs care and improved rehabilitation within the ICU.

Comes complete with full instructions.
Made from high quality materials and construction for lasting durability.
Includes small parts, not suitable for children under five.

  Tangle Therapy Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.55kg

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