At last you can accomplish ultimate domination of your backyard!

How? By creating your very own T3 Transforming Solar Robot!

Follow the detailed instructions to create your very own Solar Robot that easily transforms into 3 intergalactic designs ƒ?? a tank, robot, or scorpion!

This eco-friendly robot requires no batteries, just the sun! His secret weapon is renewable energy and when you place him under direct sunlight, you can watch as solar power drives the motor to have the 3 types of robot make different movements.

Containing all the necessary parts to build all of the robots, the T3 Transforming Solar Robot kit is perfect for teaching your kids a little more about solar energy in an exciting and interesting way! All you need to supply is a screwdriver!

You're sure to be impressed by the talents of this one!

Assembled robots measure approximately 10cm tall.

  T3 Transforming Solar Robots Specifications

Barcode # 9322318004008
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.29kg

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