Now here's a pair of wailing whistlers that are sure to get the kids' attention!

They will perform all sorts of aerial stunts with the simplest of launches, you can even achieve flights of up to 75 metres!

Load a rocket into your launcher to initiate an epic light display!

Your set includes: Two rockets and one bungee launcher in vibrant colours.

How to launch:
1. Loop the bungee elastic around the hook on your Supersonic Light Up Rocket.
2. Hold the tab on the base of the rocket while holding the launcher with the other hand.
3. Pull the bungee cord tight and release by flicking your wrist!
3. Watch your rocket soar! Always aim upwards to avoid injury.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

  All the cool Supersonic Flash Rockets Specifications

Barcode # 9320832008168
Shipping Weight 0.31kg

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