The coolest cocktails deserve the coolest ice cubes and what could be cooler than iconic Space Invader shaped ice cubes! The perfect way to add a retro chill to your favourite beverage!

You're sure to remember Space Invaders launching onto the arcade gaming scene in 1978, the aim being to defeat waves of aliens with cannons to earn as many points as possible before being invaded.

Going on to become a global phenomenon and a forerunner for modern video gaming, your iconic Space Invaders Ice Tray will make a great novelty house-warming gift for any old gamer you know.

Mould holds 16 Ice Block Aliens.
Made from silicone, your Space Invaders Ice Tray fits neatly into your freezer compartment!

  Space Invaders Ice Tray Specifications

Barcode # 5060224471159
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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