Grab the attention of everyone around you with this hilarious hand sized Shrilling Chicken!

Take out your anger or frustration by simply squeezing and releasing! This mini Shrilling Chicken will make a noise like a chicken just about to lose its head.

At 16cm tall, this silly shrieker has a different impact on people - some want to run screaming from the room, others want to squeeze it again and again!

Great for both the home or office, or entertainment at your next party, the Shrilling Chicken is made from a rubbery plastic and will get a reaction from pretty much anyone!

Or if you'd prefer a bigger one that moans like mad, check out the 57cm Shrilling Chicken here!

  Shrilling Chicken - 16cm Specifications

Barcode # 5302666000161
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.05kg

Shrilling Chicken - 16cm Reviews

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