When the ruins of our modern society are discovered at some point in the distant future, chances are high that archaeologists will determine an irrefutable truth about us: we had absolutely no issues with putting ourselves out there!

We are a nation of oversharers, informing friends, family, and sometimes even strangers of what we are wearing, eating, thinking, and doing, at any and every given moment of every day!

So, in addition to snapping photos of our food, pets and sunsets with our camera-enabled smart phones, it only makes sense that we document ourselves in this blatantly-obsessed three-dimensional book.

Why? Is it because we are freed from the time and expense of developing film? Because we're all budding photographers? Or is it just that we really, really, really like ourselves? Maybe it's simply a way to record that good hair day. Whatever the reason, this photo album is a way to collect and keep those self-portraits worth saving. Call it selfie preservation...

So put your best face forward, pick a side and look natural. Go toward the light a bit and smile! Then fill your Selfie Album with, well, you! With a mirror on the front and more than 20 pages of selfie spaces for you to clog up, you can save your favourite selfies from when you were "looking cute", "looking sleepy", "at the gym", and "making a kissy face"!


Includes die-cut slots for 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 printed selfies, as well as a history of "the selfie" from 1660 - 2014!

  Selfies Photo Album Specifications

Barcode # 825703500370
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.32kg

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