You may remember having "Pop Pops", "Snappers" or "Throw Downs" when you were young!

They have been a long time favourite as party favours, stocking stuffers and novelty noisemakers!

Simply take the poppers out of the box and throw them down on the pavement to hear them "POP"! Similar to mini fireworks, Pop Pops make a loud bang. The more you throw down the bigger the sound!

Throw them all down at once to hear them crackle like fireworks, but remember to keep them outdoors! Pop Pop!

Recommended for children 8 years and up.
Only to be thrown at the ground, not at people or pets.
Contains gravel and gunpowder to create friction.

Barcode # 9345501000113
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.040kg

Pop Pop Reviews

Sell pop pops everywhere

By: Dale on 22 August 2018
Everyone should sell pops because there good for pranking friends and awesome too use at a party

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