All great guitarists need a great pick. But if you spend more time looking for a pick than playing your guitar, our Pickmaster Plectrum Cutter is your one-of-a-kind solution!

Stashing easily in your guitar case or gig bag for those emergencies when your pick goes AWOL, Pickmaster have created the ideal way to ensure you are never left pick-less again!

Working in much the same way as a standard hole punch, this ingenious device allows you to punch a perfect guitar pick out of old plastic bank cards, gift cards, photo ID cards and more!

All it takes is a solid push down on its super-strong frame and voila you have your very own plectrum that is both unique and environmentally friendly!

Why not be super-green and recycle the Pickmaster packaging your cutter arrived in? Cutting through plastic up to 1mm thick, give your plectrum a rub on the carpet or your old Levi jeans to smooth any rough edges and you'll be set!

So punch out your personalised pick today!

Makes traditional-shaped guitar picks measuring approximately 3cm (h) and 2.5cm (w).

  PickMaster - Plectrum Cutter Specifications

Barcode # 5060137380333
Brand Slam Design
Shipping Weight 0.55kg

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