Take awesome magnified photos of insects, flowers, plants and more on your smartphone with Phonescope!

Simply slide it over your device's camera lens using the easy-to-use spring clamp to show clear magnified images!

Zoom up to 30x magnification using your device's digital zoom, the LED light will amplify colour and detail!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Powered by 3 x LR41 button cell batteries (included).

Phonescope Reviews

Works as advertised

By: Jo on 31 December 2018
I bought this as a Christmas gift and hoped it would arrive on time. It was well packaged and arrived within a few days. It was easy to use and produced good results.


By: Euphrates Mooney on 18 June 2018
The phonescope is a compact, lightweight microscope that cips on to your mobile phone and allows you to take magnified pictures and videos with a lot of detail. You can use your phone's digital zoom to increase or decrease the magnification. My phone can take pictures and videos at a magnification of time 150, because it has a built-in lens that allows it to take photos at five times magnification, which then multiplied by 30 from the phonescope gives you a magnification of 150. The photos and videos it takes are good quality and it has a light so it can be used in the dark. The only problem with the phonescope is that you need to get very clock to the object to get any image at all. I would recommend the phonescope for any age (so long as you trust them with your phone) So if you are an aspiring microbiologist - or just want to take phones of tiny thing then I would suggest getting this.

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