Young scientists can begin to explore, experiment and discover their world with My First Sci-Fi Science Kit!

Explore the science of outer space, make sci-fi movie sounds, and discover the science of planetary orbits and cosmic storms!

Launch a rocket to explore the Solar System, make spinning and flying UFO’s, and decode a secret alien message!

It’s a great gift to experiment with as a family. You don’t need to be an expert, just be willing to try things, have fun, and maybe write the next sci-fi blockbuster!

Here’s what you’ll make:

  • A Cosmic Storm Tube: It’s loud, mysterious and a little bit spooky… It creates a sound like thunder by amplifying sound!
  • A Rocket Launcher: Launch a rocket to explore the depths of outer space, or at least see how far you can make a rocket fly in your bedroom!
  • Spacey Spinner: Make a spooky sound with your Spacey Spinner. When you spin your colourful wheel quickly, some of the colours will appear to disappear!
  • Spinning UFO: If an alien visited planet Earth, do you think it would travel in a flying saucer? Try taking this one for a spin without it falling over!
  • Flying UFO on a String: An example of a special effect that has been used in sci-fi movies, put the "F" in UFO and make it fly!
  • An Alien Message Decoder: Imagine that aliens from a planet far, far away have come to study the planet Earth, and to learn about the Sun and the planets in the Solar System. The aliens have created their own alphabet for writing about their discoveries. Can you crack the alien code? Make your own Alien Message Decoder that matches the English alphabet with symbols from the alien alphabet!

What you'll learn about through fun facts along the way:

  • Space and the solar system
  • Properties of sound
  • Energy and projectile motion + rotational inertia
  • Encrypted messages

Please note: One activity requires the use of scissors (not included) to cut string, and wire cutters (not included) to cut wire.

Please read the instructions prior to use.

Recommended for ages 6 and up (for use under adult supervision).


  My First Sci Fi Science Kit Specifications

Barcode # 9313920042243
Brand Wild Science
Shipping Weight 0.48kg

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