Steve's Picked The Coolest Minecraft Goodies

Steve Knows Minecraft Gifts!

What's inside this Minecraft Mystery Box?? Well, only Steve knows as he's the one that has put this Mystery Box together for you.

There's something cool about getting a gift when you don't know exactly what's inside, it's kind of like playing the Minecraft game. You dig here and dig there, you never know when you're going to find some precious diamonds.

Getting diamonds is what this Minecraft Mystery Box is all about, as you're going to find all the coolest minecraft goodies packed into this box.

Although Steve changes the Minecraft Mystery every day you'll be guaranteed to find a whole bunch of the coolest Minecraft gifts from around the world and he knows you'll be surprised and delighted as you open this cool Mystery gift box.

What's Inside the Minecraft Mystery Box:

  • Over $100 worth of cool Genuine Minecraft Gifts!

Looking for a cool gift idea to send directly to a Minecraft fan you know? Buy Steve's Minecraft Mystery Box today and choose the gift wrapping option and they'll be sure to get a super surprise.

  All the cool Minecraft Mystery Box Specifications

Shipping Weight 1.75kg

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