Assemble one of the most recognisable fighter aircraft's in aerial combat history with the Metal Earth Fokker Dr.I Triplane!

With it's tri-wing design and cantilever wing construction, the Dr.I was famous for its superior manoeuvrability in dog fighting.

It'll look fantastic on your shelf with it's metallic crimson paint job, making it a great addition to any World War I collection!

Pop out the precision laser-cut pieces from the two metal sheets, and assemble your model using the handy slot and tab design.

There's no glue or soldering required, however we do recommend a pair of tweezers for removing delicate parts!

The result is beautiful and highly detailed, but you'll need some patience, the duration of these builds can take quite a few hours!

Difficulty level: Moderate

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Assemble dimensions: 8.17cm (l) x 10.41cm (w) x 4.77cm (h).


Metal Earth Fokker Dr.I Triplane Reviews

Hubby was thrill

By: KarenAnn on 1 September 2020
Hubby was thrilled with his model plane. Just a big kid at heart. He was impressed with it being made of steel rather than plastic or balsawood.

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