Are you ready to race at high speeds and perform tricks? This all-inclusive Liquifly Jet Car will have you motivated to reach top speeds!

All you need is air and water! Use the pump-up bar to fill the air chamber with compressed air and then release the car to see it take off!

It can travel up to a distance of 30 metres in around 35 seconds. What an awesome way to learn about Newton's Law!

Run a string through the chassis as an anchor, making a path for your car to go faster without flipping over or going off the road.

Your Jet Car requires no batteries, electric motor or any conventional fuel to make it go, just the basic elements of air and water.

Learn about thrust, acceleration and propulsion by experimenting with different water levels and varying amounts of air pressure!

Hypothesise about by the different effects you will create, and measure the distance and time to work out the speed! Instructions included!

In your Liquifly Jet Car pack you will receive:

  • A liquifly Jet Car with bottle, chassis, threaded lid, and valve
  • A pump-up bar with hosepipe
  • A car ramp and string for making a path for your car

Note: Water will spray, so wear appropriate clothes! Stand to the side of the car to avoid getting wet.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Approximate dimensions of Jet Car: 32cm (l) x 13cm (w) x 18cm (h).


Barcode # 9341570540000
Brand Heebie Jeebies
Shipping Weight 0.950kg
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Liquifly Jet Car Reviews

Excellent gift b

By: Jean Tarratt on 17 March 2021
Excellent gift but price on this site is $10.00 more expensive that

CoolThings Australia Response
Hi Jean, Thanks for your review. Yes, we know sometimes prices are cheaper on - Amazon is know for reducing price to harm or put out of business smaller retailers, once they have the market cornered they put the prices back up. Amazon's core value is the "customer obsession", which usually means low prices, unless they are the only one selling the product and until you need a human's help of course... When in comes to after sales support you will have to work with a support person who may or may not speak English as their first language. Yes, we are $10 more expensive than - however we employ Australians who love what they do, to help you be the coolest gift giver. - Peter

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