Celebrate one of Harry Potter's favourite games with this exquisite Golden Snitch ball used in Quidditch!

It may be the smallest ball in the game with its gold-coloured sphere and silver wings, but this DIY model may prove to be a challenge!

Starting as a pair of flat laser-etched metal sheets, pop out the pieces and assemble them using the unique slot and tab design.

If you're working on a number of models, the Metal Earth 3 Piece Tool Kit will make things quicker and easier!

Whilst this is the easiest model from the Harry Potter range, it will still take some patience and a steady hand to complete.

Once completed, it stands grandly on it's miniature stand, there's no glue or solder required to hold it together! Ideal for model makers and Harry Potter fans!

Difficulty: Medium
Number of sheets: 2 Sheets
Recommended for ages 14 and up.
Assembled dimensions: 12.5cm x 8.6cm x 7.1cm.


Harry Potter Metal Earth Golden Snitch Reviews

Golden snitch

By: Caz Smith on 6 December 2017
A little disappointed with the actual made up size of this article...it was more than a little challenging to assemble...

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