The Greek term Gyro means circle or rotation! A Gyroscope therefore, is more or less a spinning top containing a rapidly spinning disk that can be used in countless different real world devices ranging from smartphones and game controllers, to cars, planes, space telescopes and more!

Want to know more? Then come with us into the fascinating world of Gyroscopes! With this award-winning Gyrobot kit, you can explore the extraordinary powers of the gyroscope by assembling 7 different motorised models including a gyrocompass, flight simulator, tightrope walker, gyro horizon and personal transporter (similiar to a Segway) that can keep it's balance as it moves along the floor or table!

Each hands-on experiment includes fun facts that will help make the physical laws of motion more tangible and easier to comprehend for the beginner engineer, as you explore the world of physics and how gyroscopes work in a multitude of sophisticated, modern day devices!

Includes: 102 pieces, 7 easy-to-follow experiments and a 24 page full colour A4 manual.

Made in Germany by Thames and Kosmos with over 100 years of experience in scientific learning, your Gyrobot kit encourages Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning through hands-on projects, problem solving, and application of scientific principles to develop useful technology.

Recommended for ages 8 and up to ensure age appropriate learning.
To operate the Gyroscopic Motor you will need 3 x AAA batteries.
Packaged dimensions: 37.1cm (h) x 29.2cm (w) x 7.9cm (d).

  Gyrobot Experiment Kit Specifications

Barcode # 814743010697
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 1.15kg

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