It's time to turn it up when the lights are down with this 3 in 1, neon, UV and glow in the dark body paint stick!

What an effective way to create unique body art designs that glow in the dark after charging with a light source! Charge the paint on your skin using sunlight, a lamp, or phone light. The longer your charge the more it will glow!

During the day, the paint is neon on your skin. It will glow brightly under UV light, and will glow in complete darkness at night!

It's easy to apply and smooth enough to free hand, just draw it on for the artistic flair you've been waiting for! It's safe for children to use under supervision, and is perfect for festivals, clubs, face painting and simple child's play, regardless of your drawing and design ability!

3g stick.
Choose from blue, green, pink, yellow or invisible (glows green) - each sold separately.
To remove simply wash off, using soap and/or scrubbing where necessary!

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Shipping Weight 0.04kg

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