The award-winning Frilled Lizard, also known as the Frilled-Neck Lizard or Frilled Dragon is one of the wackiest lizards to roam the planet and is found predominantly in the treetops of northern Australia and southern New Guinea.

So, in order to keep young lizard enthusiasts out of harm's way from this rather large and temperamental lizard, we are happy to introduce this freakish and super smart artificial intelligence lizard that is both fun and safe to play with!

Assembly: Your kit contains all the flat packed pieces and stickers required for you to put your lizard together. You may need to use some diagonal cutters and a screwdriver from home to assist you.

Similar to an actual Frilled-Neck Lizard, when your robot feels threatened, it will gape its mouth, flash its eyes and dramatically flap its frill. If this is not enough to deter you, it will then turn around and run away, moving its legs dramatically as it scampers away from danger!

With its built in infrared sensor and adjustable neck for detecting movement, your lizard can be set to one of two AI modes:

Mode 1 (escape or "flight" mode): In this mode, your Lizard detects and moves around obstacles. If you frighten him, he will automatically look "shocked", spreading its frill, dropping its jaw, illuminating its bi-colour eyes and scurrying away from you.

Mode 2 (follow me mode): In this mode your lizard will move freely and assess danger by bluffing you (unfurling and shaking its frill). If he does not sense any danger, he might approach you cautiously, just like a pet lizard!

Fortunately, unlike the Frilled Lizard that roams the Australian tropics, this Frilled-Neck Lizard is whimsically kooky and a pleasure to build!

Features a 2-way function switch.
Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included).
Dimensions: 37cm x 21cm x 13cm.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Barcode # 9322318005951
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.725kg

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