Learn how to take the finger prints of your friends and family, just like on CSI!

The Forensic Detective kit will teach you how to use plaster to take and identify foot prints, and learn about paper chromatography by using blotting papers to separate out the constituent colours of felt tip markers.

Take casts of animal foot prints in your garden to see if you can identify who they belong to. What type of animal is present in your back yard?


- A vial of commercial bakers starch
- A magnifying glass and paint brush
- Charcoal and blotting paper strips
- Fingerprint record sheets
- Plaster of Paris (gypsum)
- A detailed instruction booklet

Note: Also required but not included are felt tip markers (different brands are required for the chromatography experiment).

A discovery activity for children ages 7 and up.

  Forensic Detective Specifications

Barcode # 9320190754066
Brand Discover Science
Shipping Weight 0.42kg

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