Forecast the weather by observing the beautiful crystals inside this sculptured Fitzroy's Teardrop Storm Glass!

Place your beautifully hand-blown storm glass and stand somewhere indoors that is not subject to constant temperature changes.

By observing the constantly evolving crystal formations, you can accurately predict the weather!

When the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere change with different weather patterns, the water and crystals inside the glass change too!

The liquid in the glass is a mixture of several ingredients including distilled water, ethanol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride and camphor.

Here is a key to assist you:

  • Clear liquid = Fair weather
  • Murky Liquid = Rainy weather
  • Crystals at the top = Thunderstorms
  • Large flaky crystals = Cloudy skies, snow in winter
  • Thread of crystals = Windy weather

It's the perfect gift for weather buffs!

Teardrop Glass dimensions: 20cm x 10cm

Stand dimensions: 13cm x 2.5cm


Fitzroy's Teardrop Storm Glass Reviews

A large and beautiful storm glass

By: Rob on 8 March 2020
A large and beautiful storm glass on an elegant stand - generating a lot of curiosity

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