This fantastic FerroFluid Lab Magnetic Chemistry kit lets you explore magnetic fields and polarities with 5 unique experiments!

You'll be defying gravity in no time, making amazing shapes and patterns as you move ferromagnetic fluid inside the test tubes!

It's a wonderful learning box set for kids, watch their amazement as the power of magnets comes to life before their very eyes!

Here are the experiments you can complete with this kit:

  • Ferrofluid x 2: Create your own ferrofluid in a tube. Ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes magnetised through a magnetic field!
  • Magnetic putty: Use the ferromagnetic powder to make putty that you can stretch and snap apart with enough magnetic force!
  • Magnetic fields: Practice using magnets to move tiny iron fillings around a piece of paper with one or more magnets.
  • Principles of separation: Combine iron fillings, table salt and sand in a container. Then, use a number of different methods to separate them again in their entirety using magnets, water, sunshine and a sieve!

Your kit includes: A mini test tube rack, 3 test tubes (magnet tube, ferro tube, and putty and iron fillings) and illustrated instructions.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Dimensions of pack: 16cm (w) x 15cm (h) x 7.5cm (d).

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Brand SimplyCool
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FerroFluid Lab Magnetic Chemistry Reviews

I am sure the ch

By: Richard Rudnick on 23 November 2020
I am sure the chemistry set is excellent as I have read many great reviews about it and it was recommended by my sister. She knows a great product when she sees one for her children. It was a low price from Cool things and I was very impressed with their speed of service posting it off and their website is easy to navigate.

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