Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who!

Test your knowledge of Doctor Who with this brand new Trivial Pursuit Game!

Play anytime, anywhere as a stand-alone trivia test with the portable card holder, or add it to your family's original boxed version of Trivial Pursuit at home.

With categories on Time Lords, Aliens, Stories, Years and Dates, Companions and Cast, Crew and Beyond, it's enough to challenge a Time Lord's brain!

So test your knowledge with 600 trivia questions (without reading the answers)!

- Do you know what TARDIS stands for?
- Which Doctor featured in the 'Black Orchid'?
- In what year did the Silurians first appear?
- Which ex-Bond played Rassilon?
- Who lives on Aickman Road, Colchester?

Contains: 1 x orange wedge holder, 100 questions cards and 1 die.

Suitable for 2 or more players.
Recommended for ages 12 and up.

  Doctor Who - Trivial Pursuit Specifications

Barcode # 5053410000332
Shipping Weight 0.55kg

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