Due to the phase out of analogue radio starting across the country ther Crystal Radio will become obsolete and therefore is no longer available

Build your own fully working Crystal Powered AM radio with this cool kit.

The Crystal Radio Kit makes a radio that needs no batteries and picks up local AM stations.

This kit is one of those all time classic childrens activities that provides hours of entertainment.

Crystal Radio Kit includes:
- Cardboard frame
- Diode
- Earphone
- Ferrite rod
- Tuning Capacitor
- Wires, Nuts, Screws and spring terminals
- Easy to follow instructions

Suitable for ages 10 and up.
Parental supervision recommended.

Barcode # 9320190754233
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.150kg

Crystal Radio Kit Reviews

I bought the?

By: Austin H on 17 August 2009
Hey guys and girls at 'cool things'! I bought the crystal set kit, partly as I wanted to 'test run' my new Visa card with a localised purchase. Also partly to see what's available in this line from a retail operation nowadays. When I was a kid back in the 1960's everyone had one, and everyone built one from scrounged parts. Parts are harder to get now, so a kit is the ideal way to go. Glad to say that things ran smoothly all round, and the package showed up in the mail, intact, and more or less when I expected it. This kit uses springs as connection points, and this can be good from a 'quick assembly' point of view. Some kits are screw together models, and this means that the customer needs to own a basic set of screwdrivers and a pair of wire cutters. That's not a bad thing if you're intending to take up the hobby, but a waste of money if you're not. I believe that this kit is really a start up kind of kit and that people who want their kids or grandkids to experiment with basic electronics couldn't go past this in terms of ease of assembly, and value for dollar at the asking price. Austin Hellier 'building crystal radios for over 40 years...'

My experience with your company was excellent. Jus

By: Rob S on 6 January 2009
My experience with your company was excellent. Just like going into a real shop and purchasing an item and then waiting at home with great anticipation for the item to arrive. WELL DONE

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