With this scientific Crystal Geode Kit, you can grow a beautiful crystal geode!

In nature, a rock geode forms when hollow spaces in volcanic rock become filled with hot water. The growth of crystals inside geodes can take years or even decades!

But, while a Geode may look ordinary on the outside, if you find a geode and break it open, you will discover the gorgeous crystals within!

So now you can create your very own Crystal Geode by first moulding a plaster shell, and then filling it with a crystal-forming solution as you learn about geological crystal formations.

Your kit contains:

  • Potassium aluminum sulfate, plaster and a plastic geode shell mould
  • A measuring beaker, red food coloring packet, wooden spatula and goggles

Also needed but not included: A glass jar, spoon, stove, cooking pot, water, and paper towels.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.


  Crystal Geode Specifications

Barcode # 814743011106
Brand Thames and Kosmos
Shipping Weight 0.50kg

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