Ever wondered what's inside a gummy bear to make them so chewy? They're all sugar and gelatin right?!

Well, according to artist and designer Jason Freeny's anatomical model, there's more to this iconic, fruit-flavoured candy than meets the eye... He states that they have their very own tiny, disproportionate skeletons that give them some identity. Some humanity.

Believe it or not, this 41 piece 3D puzzle will help you become an expert in gummy anatomy and develop a whole new sense of guilt when devouring their gooey bodies on the school bus on your way home! And so your candy-coated science lesson begins...

Your Gummy Bear model features a sturdy transparent casing that stands easily on its own and contains 41 easy to assemble plastic body parts including a flexible, snap-together skeleton and spinal cord, wee hand and feet bones, as well as organs such as the lungs, intestines, stomach, liver, heart and esophagus! The skull-cap can also be removed to expose the brain, which can be removed and split apart for learning purposes.

An instruction sheet is included to help guide you as you bring your favourite candy to life! What better way to teach your children about bones and organs than with the world's most delicious candy. It makes for a great display at the office, or an ideal gift for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Contains 41 removable anatomical parts that all detach from one and other.
Your plastic Gummy Bear model measures 21.5cm tall.
Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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Barcode # 9318051113497
Shipping Weight 0.90kg

Clear Gummy Bear Anatomy Reviews

Clearly amazing

By: on 4 May 2018
Seriously this may be the coolest toy for adults, creative, fun, cool. Keep it in the pool room and show all your friends!

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