What a marvelous gift idea created by the ever-popular paper engineer and illustrator, Sam Ita!

Sam has turned a classic game of chess into a new and playful creation in which every chess piece is meticulously crafted out of a durable cardstock that will endure the most spirited games!

Each piece comes flat-packed and pre-folded ready for you to "pop" them into shape and start playing! You'll even receive a handy guidebook with rules and tips for players of all levels!

Your set comes complete with a red and black standard-size cardstock board with pieces ranging in size from 5cm tall (for a pawn) to 9cm tall for a queen!

Exactly what's included:
- A full chess-set with fold-out board (48.5cm x 48.5cm) and 32 pieces (16 black and 16 white).
- A 48 page instruction booklet outlining the rules of the game and tips for advanced players.

  Chess Pop Up Set Specifications

Barcode # 9781402758669
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 1.78kg

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