The coolest mini barrel of slime is now available in Red, Green, Purple, Black, Blue and Yellow!

Imagine a gooey liquid that doesn't get you wet. You can pour it from its barrel but it won't short circuit your keyboard. You can splash it and slosh it about without upsetting the furniture or your clothes... And it sticks together but isn't sticky!

Contained within a mini palm sized "Toxic Waste" drum, this non-toxic Barrel-O-Slime can be torn apart and rejoined effortlessly, ready to be poured back into its barrel, or thrown about as you play catch with a friend!

Pictures show examples of colours - you get one barrel slime per order.
Not intended for children under 5.
Wash hands after use.

  Barrel-O-Slime Specifications

Barcode # 9385154036169
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.04kg

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