You'll be giggling with amusement as you try your luck at indoor target practice by ruffling someone's hair, shirt or office papers from a distance!

Will you catch them off guard, or simply blow them away? At 28cm in diameter, your conical air blasters work like slingshots, but instead of projecting objects, they shoot intense puffs of air with no batteries or electricity (just a bit of upper body strength)!

Each Airzooka features a pop-up crosshair for improved aiming, as you release the built-in elastic air launcher. You'll never run out of ammo, and you can't hurt your opponent!

Each concentrated ball of air surprises your opponent with surprising accuracy from up to 6 metres away! Ideal for both children and adults, or just a bit of office warfare.

You will receive: 2 x Blue Airzooka's

Best suited for childred aged 6 and over.

Brand Can You Imagine
Shipping Weight 2.200kg

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