Now you can call your family and friends the old fashioned way with your very own 1950's inspired Diner Phone. Simply plug it into your standard phone socket!

There's no need to insert coins for it to work - BUT- you may choose not to tell your friends that... Because each coin inserted is yours to keep for pocket money!

You can access the coin bank from the bottom of the phone when full!

This retro Diner Phone is fully wall mountable but also looks awesome as it sits upon your bench in place of your ordinary phone!

Awesome features of your classic American payphone:

- Push button dialing
- Redial button
- Ringer Volume on/off switch
- Tone/Pulse Switch
- Realistic LOCAL Call label on the front
- Earpiece volume control

Colour: Black with chrome detailing.
Dimensions: 23cm (W) x 46.5 (H) x 16.5cm (D)

  1950's Diner Phone Specifications

Barcode # 5060121240254
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 3.50kg

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