If you're looking for some laughs, we've found them! In fact, we have 1001 of them and we've put them all together right here! Some are worth a giggle, and some will raise a smile.

There is a batch that will have you in stitches and another that will have you in tears! There's a special section with jokes that will make you snort and a few that will get a smirk.

This is a collection of the best jokes we could find around the world, so get into it and get your ribs tickling! Chapters include Knock Knock, Doctor Doctor, Riddles, Gross, Just silly and more!

207 pages of hilarity.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.
Published by Hinkler Books.


1001 Cool Jokes Reviews

absolutely perfect book for my nephew

By: Beccy S on 17 December 2019
Funny jokes. This will be an absolutely perfect book for my nephew. He’s at the age where he understands the jokes so will pass the jokes onto family and friends

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