USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer
USB Cup Warmer PackagingUSB Cup Warmer with USB Cable
No more cold Tea or Coffee!
  • Keep your freshly brewed cuppa warm
  • Fits most ceramic or glass mugs
  • Comes with handy USB port and cable!
  •
No more cold Tea or Coffee!

There’s nothing worse than making a cuppa, going back to your desk after a distracting phone call, and finding that you’re forgotten drink is stone cold! What you need is a USB Cup Warmer, an ingenious gadget that plugs into your USB port to keep your coffee, tea or soup warm for hours!

Featuring a bright LED that indicates your warmer is plugged in and warm, you can turn the hot plate on or off directly from the base plate making it convenient, ingenious and very simple to use. There's no need for drivers or software, your Cup Warmer is ready to use straight from the box!

The USB Cup Warmer is suitable for indoor use only and requires a PC or laptop with a USB port to operate. The heating temperature of the unit is 80 – 100 degrees celsius (after 15 minutes of heating time) and an AC power supply must be connected when using a laptop.

Cannot be used with plastic or paper cups.
USB plug cable included - PC and MAC compatible.
Mug not included, for illustration purposes only. Suitable for use with ceramic or glass mugs.
Please ensure that you unit is turned off when not in use and is kept out of reach of children.


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