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UGears Mechanical Box in Use
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Mechanical Magic For Your Home or Office Desk
  • Two interchangeable front panels.
  • Unique revealing mechanism.
  • Fast construction time.
  •
Mechanical Magic For Your Home or Office Desk

With the UGears Mechanical Box you get a dash of mechanical magic added to your home or office desk.

Once constructed you simply push the side lever and the mechanical box raises, tilts and then opens its lid to a cool reveal of its contents. The UGears Mechanical Box is a super cool way to offer a business card and a fun way to store and show off your favourite trinkets.

The UGears Mechanical Box includes two interchangeable front panels, one for easily removing cards and one for keeping your smaller items from spilling out.

Full easy to follow picture based instructions for construction of the UGears Mechanical Box are included and as like all UGears models all the wooden pieces slot together without having to use glue or nasty chemicals.

Model size: 200mm * 90mm * 190mm
Parts count: 61
Estimated time of construction: 1-2 hours


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