The action-packed game of Capture the Flag has always been a go-to game of stealth and strategy for youth camp and birthday parties!

But what if you were to step things up a notch for today's generation with glow-in-the-dark lights from this award-winning Starlux Capture The Flag Redux set?!

It's the perfect way to get up and get active as the battery-operated game pieces create the jail markers, territory lights, flags and even team bracelets!

The added dynamic of low-light play means that you can play for longer, as you run, hide and strategise, lurking behind trees for exhilirating night time game play! 

Can you enter your opposing team's territory and steal their light up orb? You'll have to bring it back home without being tagged by guards and spies!

How to play a basic game of Capture the Flag Redux:

  1. Select your playing field (backyard, oval, park or gym) and divide it into two parts using the territory lights.
  2. Choose teams of up to four players each and have each player wear a blue or green bracelet to mark their team.
  3. Use the jail markers to set up a square on the ground for captured players.
  4. Hide your light-up orb (aka flag) and you're ready to play!

The illustrated game cards make learning easy, and include up to a dozen different game modes including "Ninja", "Fugitive" and "Ghosts in the Graveyard"!

It's the perfect team-building game pack to make your next group activity a huge success. Play at summer camps, family reunions, neighbourhood BBQ's and more!

Your kit includes: 

  • 23 Game Lights including 2 glow orbs (flags), 8 jail markers, 5 territory lights, 8 adjustable team bracelets
  • 1 Set of illustrated instructions and 12 game variation cards (plus 6 bonus games available for free digital download)

Suitable for 4 - 20 players (depending on the game variations).

Recommended for ages 8 and up.


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