This award-winning Starlux Vikings of the Northern Lights game pack lets you race your friends and family to re-claim magical light-up gems!

You'll have to fend off crafty Ice Dragons (your teammates) along the way before they freeze you in place, or you'll have to wait for your team to thaw you!

It's a new way to play Freeze Tag, or a variation of "Stuck in the Mud" but with a twist, as you hunt for glowing gems and slide them into your sceptre!

It's a wonderful way to encourage imaginative game play, and keep the kids active indoors or outdoors during all seasons of the year! 

Playing the game:

  1. Split into two teams of 2 or more Vikings and Ice Dragons.
  2. The Vikings begin with an empty sceptre (Rod of Winter), whilst the Ice Dragons hide the light-up glowing crystals.
  3. Now you're ready to play! The Vikings must collect all the crystals and slide them onto their scepter, while the Ice Dragons try to freeze-tag them.
  4. Captured vikings can be thawed by their teammates using the Rod of Winter to touch them along the way.
  5. The Ice Dragons win by freezing all the Vikings, while the Vikings win if they succesfully place all the gems on the sceptre first!

You will receive: 1 Rod of Winter and 5 different coloured light up gems that slide and lock into place in the rod (all batteries included).

Suitable for 3 - 10 or more players.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

The included batteries are CR1220 button cell batteries and require a small cross-head screwdriver in order to replace.


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