The Slida Classic 3D Puzzle is a sliding, multi-coloured interlocking puzzle ball that is made of high quality plastic with 7 tight fitting pieces. Your job is to slide the ball apart and re-assemble it again! It will stimulate your mind, expand your creativity, and challenge your problem solving skills!

Your first step is to find the first moving piece and slide it out. Once the first piece has been removed, your task is to locate the rest of the sliding pieces in sequence, and divide up the parts. Re-assembling your puzzle is simply the opposite. Once you've studied the pieces, you need to put your ball back together, but not all of the pieces will fit together nicely, everything has to follow a sequence!

When you have solved the puzzle, the final piece will slide in with a click, locking the ball together. What a great looking puzzle for your collection that everyone can play with without fear of breakage! How will you solve the puzzle, will you be able to put the pieces back together faster than your family members? Can you beat your personal best? Perfect for children and adults alike, set yourself the challenge!

But don't be fooled, for an experienced puzzler, the Slida provides a moderate challenge. It's not too difficult to disassemble and reassemble (though this is harder), and it is quite easily resolvable once you get the hang of it. However it could be quite daunting for a novice!

Please note:There are 3 colour combinations available, please make your selection above. Please see photos for the 3 colours available.

Dimensions: 7cm in diameter.
Pieces are made of hard plastic that is dishwasher safe.
Recommended for ages: Designed for people of all ages but we recommend ages 8 and up.
Difficulty: Level 7 Challenging or Moderate (where level 5 is easy and level 10 is mind-boggling)

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.240kg

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