With this Mysterious Puzzle Box Two Pack you'll receive two Mysterious Puzzle Boxes randomly chosen by our very own on staff turkish wise man.

These special boxes can only be opened by solving a series of puzzles, special moves that work together to enable you to reveal what's inside the box.

Each puzzle box measures 15cm long x 6.5cm wide x 5cm high.

Both wooden puzzle boxes come with how to solve instructions, however we challenge you not to look at the solution until you've solved the puzzle yourself...

Keep one and gift the other or put them both on your coffee table at home and stump your friends and family.

Mysterious Puzzle Box Two Pack Reviews

Great present

By: Anne Leadbeatter on 13 May 2019
Theses boxes are the perfect present for teenage boys. A bit more interesting than just handing over some money for birthdays or Xmas and the best thing is they love them.

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