Deep down everyone loves a good prank, right? I mean, this one's an oldie, but a goodie. We assure you!

Rattlesnake Eggs are meant to be kept in a cool place to prevent hatching. So what happens when you've left them in the sun?

Let your friend (erhm victim...) find out! Pass them the packet and convince them to take a peek inside, making sure you build their suspense!

Make sure they're very cautious about opening the envelope, snakes are feisty after all! Have they got the courage?

BBBRRRRTTTTTT! Oh no, it's hatched! As they open the pack, it vibrates with a convincing rattling sound. Watch them jump!

It's a fun-filled practical joke that has stood the test of time. It may even bring back memories of your grandparents tricking you as a kid!

Here's what you'll receive: 1 x Rattlesnake Eggs (a dangerous-looking envelope with a re-usable gimmick noisemaker inside).

Very simple activation:

  • Twist the ring 30 times and place it, wound up, inside the envelope to hold it in place
  • The mechanism will stay wound up until your poor, unsuspecting victim peeks cautiously inside
  • Opening the envelope gives it just enough room to spin around and unwind, making a vibrating "rattle" noise against the envelope!

Envelope measures: 6.3cm x 11.5cm

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

  Rattlesnake Eggs Specifications

Barcode # 9323307089136
Shipping Weight 0.04kg

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