Make meal time fun with PuzzleWare!

We've all had a go at those frustrating but addictive metal puzzles that have you twisting and turning in every direction only to get nowhere.

Well now you can have your very own!

Test your skills and challenge yourself to solve the puzzle before you can eat ƒ?? you're either going to impress your dinner guests because you've mastered the puzzle beforeƒ?Ý or you'll be the last one at the dinner table!

PuzzleWare is made from a metal twisted spoon and fork that you can actually eat with! If you manage to solve it that isƒ?Ý

So take up the challenge today and make mealtime fun (or frustratingƒ?Ý)!

Dimensions: 15cm x 12.5cm (unsolved)

  PuzzleWare Specifications

Barcode # 010984015006
Shipping Weight 0.21kg

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