The Pass the Popcorn Game is movie guessing mayhem!

It's easy to figure out the movie based on the clues, but can you shout out the title before anyone else does?

The massive popularity of movies makes this pop culture game a natural party favourite and it's great for both casual and hard core movie fans!

The tiles tell you clues you should use in your race to complete your set of tiles before your opponents complete theirs.

Featuring 250 of the biggest box office hits, award-winners, and film classics, Pass the Popcorn is great fun for all the family!

2-8 Players or teams.
Recommended for ages 12+.
Includes 125 movie cards and 32 game tiles.

  Pass the Popcorn Game Specifications

Barcode # 824284108401
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.70kg

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